«October 2018»

A Coaches’ Impact:

How CSP’s TOP Soccer Program Manages to Build Relationships through Brief Seasons

Chappapeela Sports Park introduced their TOP Soccer Program on Sunday, August 26 and concluded it on Sunday, October 14. Parents, players and volunteers can look forward to another season of athletic and personal goals when the season begins again in April 2019. 

 Photo Credit: Larshell Green/ CSP Content Editor 

When Keegan Warnock scored a goal and the crowd erupted, his response triggered Deputy Director of Chappapeela Sports Park Amber Grose to reflect on the importance of her role in player’s lives.                                                                                                     

“He was so proud and pumped that he stood with his hands in the air yelling, “YEA!” for a good minute. I cannot explain the atmosphere as the crowd kept cheering and clapping for him. I had to hold back my tears. What a moment!”

For Grose, accomplishments like Warnock’s reveal the impact that the program has the ability to make on children who are in need of expertise in soccer through calculated, hands on coaching.

Keegan Warnock’s mom, Stephanie Elfer, appreciates Grose’s patience and the warm environment that all participants of the program can engage in.