Facility Rental Prices


All court and field use must be booked through the office of CSP to reserve, prior to use. Due to extensive use throughout the year, the recovery of certain fields is very important and year round there may be fields that cannot be used for health and safety reasons. There is also safety concerns regarding use of fields without securing and checking the field of play first.

Please note that all bookings for users outside of the Hammond Area Recreation District are subject to a 20% charge in addition to the prices as listed below.

For more information contact us at 985-543-6767, we are happy to help answer any questions.

Splash Pad

Splash Pad only: $50 per hour
Splash Pad and Field 1:  $70 per hour
Splash Pad rentals include wrist bands and a CSP staff member on hand. Waivers must be signed to receive a wrist band. Attendees without a wrist band will not be allowed to play.

Sand Volleyball Courts

Court rentals are $40 per hour per court


$35 / hour, includes staff and utilities.

$1,000/day plus Security for Tournaments and Special Events.

Field Rentals

Softball, Baseball fields rental fees
$200, per field, per day** Tournaments and special events.

Football field
$400, per field, per day* Tournaments and special events.

U14+ field $300, per field, per day* U6 group (6 fields) $240
U8 group (6 fields) $300
U10 group (3 fields) $300
U12 group (4 fields) $500

ALL event rentals are subject to cleaning and labor fees.

*Does not include lights
** Does not include lights, Fee includes initial set up of fields per day; additional charges apply for field crew.

Light Fees

Softball/ Baseball fields 5-6: $25/hour Softball/ Baseball fields 7-14: $25/hour
Soccer and Football fields 32, 33, 35: $35/hour

Sports field rental fee does not include custodial staff, field maintenance, or security. (See below.)


Security is booked through the Chappapeela Sports Park office and is $30/hour.

Custodial Staff

Custodial staff is on site to assure that your event runs smoothly. Chappapeela’s office will determine how many custodians will be needed for your event. 

We reserve the right to cancel any event at any time at our discretion.

If you are interested in renting any of the facilities at Chappapeela Sports Park, please contact us though this form.