C.P. Mitchell Memorial Park

44101 Millie Rd, Hammond, LA 70403

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CP Mitchell Memorial Park, located at 44101 Millie Rd in Hammond, LA, is one of several smaller parks originally built with funds made available through a partnership between Tangipahoa Parish and the State of Louisiana. Until Hurricane Katrina severely damaged these parks and properties (including the grounds and structures on site) in August 2005, these parks served the Hammond community. CP Mitchell Park received the most significant damage, and because the parks were no longer funded by any agency or private party, CP Mitchell Park was never restored….

Bringing the Park Back to Life

Chappapeela Sports Park’s executive director, Ryan Barker, became aware of the dire need of this area and decided to take the reins in helping bring CP Mitchell Park back to life. Determined to do everything necessary to provide the youth in our community every advantage possible, Ryan solicited the support of our parish council. Chappapeela Sports Park (also known as CSP) has now entered into a cooperative endeavor with the parish to make this dream a reality!

We plan to bring Chappapeela’s high-quality sports programs, facilities, and staff directly to the neighborhood that CP Mitchell Park serves. We believe that

If they can’t come to us … we will go to them.

CSP is currently partnering with Southeastern Louisiana University’s sports management students to market and promote the reopening of CP Mitchell Park. Our staff and SLU student volunteers have spent the past several months cleaning up and refurbishing the grounds and structures currently on site.

See How Our Community is Working Together in Our CP Mitchell Video!

CP Mitchell Serves Approx.


4-14 Years Olds
& Adults (Walking Trail)

In the Tangipahoa Parish

Our Mission

100% of the students currently enrolled in the public-school system qualify for free and reduced lunch. Several of these children are in foster care or live with extended family members because their birth parents are unable to care for them. Transportation is often an issue. Even getting students to school can be a challenge, so getting them to a recreational facility for participation in an after-school sports program is almost impossible. With the lack of positive extracurricular opportunities available, many of these youth end up hanging out in the streets and eventually fall prey to drug use and/or participation in criminal activity. This adds to the prison pipeline. Our goal is to stop this pipeline, starting in our own community.

Team Up With Us

Interested in Helping CP Mitchell Park Support Our Youth?

Working together, we know we can make a difference in the lives of our youth and continue to move our community forward!

Team Up With CP Mitchell by emailing Ryan Barker at ryan@playcsp.com.

CP Mitchell Plans

-  Hosted First Ever “Play Days”: Introduce our staff, volunteers, and sports programs to the community.

- Implemented a Tackle Football Program for children ages 10-12 years old.

- Implement a Soccer Program for children ages 4-12 years old.

- Launch After School Program. Build a playground designed for children 4 and under and renovate existing basketball courts and existing grass playing surfaces to provide open play opportunities for children of all ages at the CP Mitchell site.

CP Mitchelll Field Plans

AfterSchool Program Curriculum


  • Strengthen positive communication skills
  • Cultivate mutual respect and understanding of others
  • Develop a strong sense of self, sense of pride, and sense of responsibility within each child


The AfterSchool Program follows a 3-month, fun and age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on a specific topic each month: self-esteem, teamwork, tolerance and conflict resolution.

Participants will cultivate a supportive community in which they support, listen and work with each other to achieve personal and group goals.

Topic #1: Respect for Self

  • What is Self-Esteem?
  • Building Confidence in Oneself & One’s Ability
  • How My Choices Affect Me
  • How to Handle Mistakes

Topic #2: Respect for Others

  • What is Respect?
  • How to Respect Differences of Others
  • Working Together: The Art of Teamwork

Topic #3: Communication Skills

  • Polite Communication
  • What Does Your Body Language Say?
  • Being a Good Listener
  • How to Handle Conflict


Upon Completion of this curriculum, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate Respect for Themselves & Others
  • Use skills necessary to become effective communicators
  • Welcome opportunities to work with others who are different from themselves

Share the Game

3 Ways You Can Share the Game

  1. Be A Coach
  2. Donate Equipment (All Sports Balls Gear, etc.)
  3. Fund An Athlete

Get Involved Today by Emailing Ryan Barker at ryan@playcsp.com.

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