Posted: Jul 24, 2018
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What's it all about

Q&A with Deputy Director Amber Grose

  1. When/Where are practices/games held? What times? 

Practices and Games will be on Monday and Wednesdays. Practices will be 5:30 – 6:30 for the young ones and 6:30-7:30 for the older age groups. Biggest perk is we will not play games on the weekends!

  1. Will my child be getting better at soccer? If so, how?

Your child’s coach will receive a week by week session plan with activity ideas to ensure all athletes are getting the development they need in each area of the game SPECIFIC TO THEIR AGE. This will encourage constant growth in the sport and our main aim for all youth ages is to ensure players are getting lots of touches on the ball. I've played/coached soccer for 25 years at every level and there is no better feeling than seeing children have those light bulb moments. They finally grasp a skill or concept or tactic. I believe in setting soccer homework, soccer stars aren't made over 2 x 1 hour periods a week. It's important to encourage athletes to put more into any hobby they have, especially those activities that they enjoy!

  1. How much will the season cost? 

It is 75$ for the year and players uniform is included in this price. The beauty of being a sports park is that the cost of play will cover equipment, field maintenance, uniforms and any referee/coaching fees that occur over the year, therefore we can keep the price low and encourage more kids to play sport. 

  1. Will my child need soccer equipment (cleats, shin guards, soccer ball, etc.)?

All kids will be required to bring their own shin guards, cleats, socks, and an appropriate sized soccer ball. We have a great relationship with Academy and will have a 20% off day that our players are able to purchase any of the above listed items at a discount to help with costs. 

  1. What sets Chappapeela apart from the other surrounding soccer leagues? 

What we do here at Chappapeela is we aim to offer the most positive and affordable recreational experience in the area. We want children to experience multiple sports to get active and stay active. We want to inspire kids to play further on in life and offer a foundation that inspires that engagement in sport. 

We also take into consideration the whole family, we want communication to be organized and efficient. We want to make sure the parents are feeling engaged in our park and activities too. We are all about community engagement, and we want entering your children into extra activities to be a fun experience, not an added burden to an already hectic schedule.