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Volleytots: A Small Program With Large Goals to Tackle


Lead Volleytots instructor Celine Belcher's own experience in volleyball and education has prompted her to instruct the program that returns for the  third year at Chappapeela Sports Park.

Photo Credit: Larshell Green/ CSP Content Editor 

Volleytots, a co-ed youth program designed to teach young athletes fundamentals in volleyball will begin soon at Chappapeela Sports Park.

Lead Volleytots instructor Celine Belcher’s goal for the Volleytots program is to help new and skilled players to define and further develop their skill sets. Players will learn the fundamentals required to properly pass, set, spike, and serve. However, the prominent concentration for this program will be teaching participants to work through adversity. This will require players to work together to succeed, rather than rely on their individual strengths.

Belcher said, “Through volleyball, children can learn many life skills. We have to teach our kids how to work through something even when they’re not good. Many kids will be brand new and others may be more advanced. I want our players to see the benefit of hard work and feel that sense of gratification when they do succeed. I also want them to know that if they work together as a team, they can be successful despite their differences in skill level.”

In order to develop effective volleyball players, it is important to work on skills while also teaching kids how to communicate to improve teamwork.

“Communication and working as a team is a huge part of volleyball,” said Belcher. “This program is open to all skill levels, meaning that we will have some kids that have never played before and others who may have already developed the basic skill sets. Working as a team and being a good communicator will help those who don’t have the skill set and those who do, stronger players.”

Belcher is a 2nd grade teacher and head volleyball coach at Hammond Eastside Magnet School, as well as a head coach for the Louisiana Volleyball Club. Through her experiences in working hands on with the youth of the community, she has discovered the importance of discipline, commitment, and adversity when teaching volleyball.

For Belcher, the most rewarding aspect of leading Volleytots is watching the growth in both the social and athletic skills of players: “I just love seeing kids progress. There is no better feeling then teaching a child to stick with something until they achieve their goals and watching it come to fruition. I want to see them build a relationship with each other, make friends, have learned skills, and have gotten more consistent by the conclusion of the season.”

“Chappapeela Sports Park is very excited to bring this program back for its second year. We believe that there are not enough recreation volleyball programs available in the area, and we are honored to have a professional like Coach Celine to lead this program.”

 Volleytots sessions are set to begin on Wednesday, October 17 from 6-7 p.m., and will end on Wednesday, Dec. 5.


See the progression of the Volleytots program from its first to second season. 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Celine Belcher