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The Return of Adult Volleyball: Adults need time to unwind, too



Chappapeela Sports Park celebrated  the opening of its third season of the Adult Volleyball league on Sept. 20. Returning players depicted here showed high energy and dedication immediately. 

Photo Credit: CSP Content Editor/ Larshell Green

Chappapeela Sports Park aims to continue the momentum of social advancement by getting more adults involved in sports.

For the third season, CSP’s Adult Volleyball League officially began on Thursday, September 20.

CSP Youth and Adult Sports Commissioner Heath Brunies shares his thoughts on future possibilities for the league.

“The adults had a lot of fun in the spring and enjoyed the interaction,” said Brunies.

Stacey Levin, who previously played volleyball when she was younger, values the vigorous activity involved in the hobby she has returned to for the third season.

“This is good exercise,” said Levin. “This is pretty much the only time I get to do that. Kids like to see their parents in good competition.”

Glenn Meydrich, also a returning Adult Volleyball player, enjoys the competitive nature of the league and structure of games.

Meydrich explained: “There’s not many places around to play ball, and these teams are a little more competitive than other leagues. I like the fact that they play with four men. You play harder and it allows for two extra people to be on another team. It shares the abilities of the players. Most indoor leagues have 6 people.”

CSP hopes that interest continues to grow in the league since it serves as such an important outlet for adults.  The team further encourages all adults in the local area to participate in the league each season:

“Come in, have fun and give yourself a breath. Adults need time to have a break and do something they enjoy.”