Posted: Sep 28, 2018
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At the helm of the return of Chappapeela Sports Park's Adult league, teams practice good sportmanship practices as depicted here. 

Photo Credit: Larshell Green/ Content Editor 

Change can sometimes be challenging. So naturally, when a leader prepares to leave a position after almost 30 years, it can shake up a routine.

Chappapeela Sports Park Youth and Adult Sports Commissioner Heath Brunies was notified over the past summer that the former Adult Co-Ed Softball Director Bill Skinner would be retiring from his duties. Because he had a desire to continue the successful program, he was determined to carry the torch for the people involved.

That torch was indeed lit for the current season when reports of Chappapeela’s rise in membership were reported.


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Posted: Sep 27, 2018
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Lead Volleytots instructor Celine Belcher's own experience in volleyball and education has prompted her to instruct the program that returns for the third year at Chappapeela Sports Park.

Photo Credit: Larshell Green/ CSP Content Editor 

Volleytots, a co-ed youth program designed to teach young athletes fundamentals in volleyball will begin soon at Chappapeela Sports Park.

Lead Volleytots instructor Celine Belcher’s goal for the Volleytots program is to help new and skilled players to define and further develop their skill sets. Players will learn the fundamentals required to properly pass, set, spike, and serve. However, the prominent concentration for this program will be teaching participants to work through adversity. This will require players to work together to succeed, rather than rely on their individual strengths.

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Posted: Sep 3, 2018
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For a coach, hearing the sound of an athlete race across a gymnasium floor under the spell of an escaping ball can be quite thrilling. That thrill intensifies when there’s more at stake than an ordinary pickup game.

For most children with disabilities, a lack of organized sporting opportunities exist. TOPSoccer, a program created under a partnership by U.S. Soccer and the Louisiana Soccer Association is intended to help athletes reach their next level of physical and social advancement.

 This initiative with the LSA was introduced to Louisiana clubs and parks, including Chappapeela, in order to form soccer sessions in communities. TOPSoccer began on Sunday, August 26 at CSP, and is set to continue until Sunday, October 14.

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Posted: Jul 24, 2018
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What's it all about

Want to find out more information about Tangi Utd Recreation Soccer? Look no further, check out this brief Q&A with Deputy Director Amber Grose to offer more insight. 

Have a player born between 2009 - 2015? Find out how Tangi Utd could be a great opportunity for you!

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Posted: Jun 8, 2018
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Larshell Green/ CSP Editor 

The largest victory of a sports season does not occur through the presentation of awards, but through the character development of athletes.

Beyond the logistics of weekly games, Youth and Adult Sports Commissioner Heath Brunies is pleased with the park implementing weekly themes for character development.

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