Posted: Oct 25, 2018
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How CSP’s TOP Soccer Program Manages to Build Relationships through Brief Seasons

Chappapeela Sports Park introduced their TOP Soccer Program on Sunday, August 26 and concluded it on Sunday, October 14. Parents, players and volunteers can look forward to another season of athletic and personal goals when the season begins again in April 2019. 

 Photo Credit: Larshell Green/ CSP Content Editor 

When Keegan Warnock scored a goal and the crowd erupted, his response triggered Deputy Director of Chappapeela Sports Park Amber Grose to reflect on the importance of her role in player’s lives.                                                                                                     

“He was so proud and pumped that he stood with his hands in the air yelling, “YEA!” for a good minute. I cannot explain the atmosphere as the crowd kept cheering and clapping for him. I had to hold back my tears. What a moment!”

For Grose, accomplishments like Warnock’s reveal the impact that the program has the ability to make on children who are in need of expertise in soccer through calculated, hands on coaching.

Keegan Warnock’s mom, Stephanie Elfer, appreciates Grose’s patience and the warm environment that all participants of the program can engage in.

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Posted: Oct 5, 2018
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Unpacking the goals behind CSP’s Play 60 Flag Football League


The Chappapeela Sports Park team recently kicked off their Fall 2018 Play 60 Flag Football League. This fall commemorates the fourth year of the league. The program focuses on creating a fun environment for children to remain active and learn football fundamentals through flag football exercises and games.  Photo Credit: Larshell Green/ CSP Content Editor 


The NFL Play 60 Flag Football League at Chappapeela Sports Park returns with a polished agenda, and more goals than ever for the team, players, coaches and parents.

Executive Director Ryan Barker shares that his team was inspired to make improvements by listening to coaches and customers, while engaging in self- provoking reflections prior to entering the fourth season of the Play 60 league.

“We believe that children should be taught character as much as technical and fundamentals of any sport,” said Barker. “Having a strong character is one of the major keys to success.” 

In an effort to increase youth development, CSP has gained access to a database of coaching information, tips and practice plans to assist coaches.

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Posted: Oct 2, 2018
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Chappapeela Sports Park celebrated  the opening of its third season of the Adult Volleyball league on Sept. 20. Returning players depicted here showed high energy and dedication immediately. 

Photo Credit: CSP Content Editor/ Larshell Green

Chappapeela Sports Park aims to continue the momentum of social advancement by getting more adults involved in sports.

For the third season, CSP’s Adult Volleyball League officially began on Thursday, September 20.

CSP Youth and Adult Sports Commissioner Heath Brunies shares his thoughts on future possibilities for the league.

“The adults had a lot of fun in the spring and enjoyed the interaction,” said Brunies.

Stacey Levin, who previously played volleyball when she was younger, values the vigorous activity involved in the hobby she has returned to for the third season.

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Posted: Sep 28, 2018
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At the helm of the return of Chappapeela Sports Park's Adult league, teams practice good sportmanship practices as depicted here. 

Photo Credit: Larshell Green/ Content Editor 

Change can sometimes be challenging. So naturally, when a leader prepares to leave a position after almost 30 years, it can shake up a routine.

Chappapeela Sports Park Youth and Adult Sports Commissioner Heath Brunies was notified over the past summer that the former Adult Co-Ed Softball Director Bill Skinner would be retiring from his duties. Because he had a desire to continue the successful program, he was determined to carry the torch for the people involved.

That torch was indeed lit for the current season when reports of Chappapeela’s rise in membership were reported.


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Posted: Sep 27, 2018
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Lead Volleytots instructor Celine Belcher's own experience in volleyball and education has prompted her to instruct the program that returns for the third year at Chappapeela Sports Park.

Photo Credit: Larshell Green/ CSP Content Editor 

Volleytots, a co-ed youth program designed to teach young athletes fundamentals in volleyball will begin soon at Chappapeela Sports Park.

Lead Volleytots instructor Celine Belcher’s goal for the Volleytots program is to help new and skilled players to define and further develop their skill sets. Players will learn the fundamentals required to properly pass, set, spike, and serve. However, the prominent concentration for this program will be teaching participants to work through adversity. This will require players to work together to succeed, rather than rely on their individual strengths.

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